IT Transformation

IT Transformation

Thrive in Uncertainty

Businesses live in environments of increasing flux. Agility and the use of robust in-house IT infrastructure is key to success and survival. A company’s IT infrastructure has become ever more integral to the definition of the firm itself – who are we and what do we do? The firm’s digital evolution relies on its IT Transformation. That transformation includes processes and technologies that facilitate successful digital transformation.

Venusgeo’s IT Transformation Services are designed to boost operational speed and efficiency as well as increase the scale of business and reduce costs. Automating lines of business and optimizing them allows resources to be employed in other more valuable tasks. IT level improvements that scale to enterprise wide digital transformation enable companies of all sizes to be competitive in today’s digital environment. This allows our clients to outperform competitors in innovation and thought leadership. They become the disruptors in the marketplace.
Why VenusGeo

is the Catalyst

Business intelligence flows through the veins of a firm’s IT infrastructure. Each day that infrastructure is older but still carries the data. It works, so many companies don’t want to fix what isn’t broken. It is the legacy of an earlier era, though. Every firm has legacy programs which need updating but at some point it is the entire IT infrastructure which becomes a legacy. Not just a program but the entire flow of business intelligence inhibits business growth and slowly makes the firm uncompetitive.

Updating the IT infrastructure is not an out of the box item. There are cost efficient changes and best practices which allow the maximum productivity while the re-engineering takes place. Strategic IT implementation offers a strategy of continuing innovation which keeps the best of the old while the overall infrastructure is revised to remove rate limiting costly programs and procedures.

First do no harm. It is a doctor’s oath and should be a system engineer’s too. Careful auditing and planning is the key. What are the costs and benefits of each part of the update? Should it be done now? Should it be done alone? What happens to the efficiency of the entire system and the profitability of the firm? Venusgeo can share decades of experience and intelligence as well as keeping the IT budget within plan.

The audit of a company’s IT infrastructure is a forensic exercise for many firms. How the IT has evolved over time and its current state is a history of sorts. The culture of the firm and its goals are data points to study. It is a post audit review. But the IT infrastructure plan for the future needs to be closely integrated with the firm’s new strategic goals. A firm’s business goals ride these days on the fibers of its IT and it is that IT infrastructure that many firms need to fulfill its strategic business plans.

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Customers typically have IT applications of various vintages and the IT landscape of even a mid-size enterprise is quite complex. Our services are based on many years of IT experience, creating innovative solutions that leverage the value of technology for meeting business goals. We help enterprises to integrate disparate applications and platforms to create a seamless foundation for future growth.