Be a true value partner organization for Financial Services industry through creation of niche solutions

Service our customers through our Niche solutions, and support them to Scale the business and transform the customer digital journey to be a true value partner

At VenusGeo we are passionate about helping our clients steer through the ever-changing terrain of new technologies, their applicability in resolving various business problems while meeting and exceeding expectations of the end customer and the market. We understand the dynamism it takes to succeed in financial domain within the context of regulatory requirements, globalization, digital mobility and use of artificial intelligence.

VenusGeo has a history of two decades of serving reputed clients within highly regulated domains such as financial services, telecom and maritime in shaping their technology stack and creating a global landscape. We offer our services within Advisory, Adoption and Application framework where we travel from process discovery till change management of a given project.


Within Financial Services we have proven experience in Digital Mobility and Asset Servicing with platforms that build scale and compliance. Our capabilities drastically reduce wait times for the end customer and infra cost for financial institutions, through making customer engagement seamless by leveraging AI for automating customer experience.


We provide services that take care of the full spectrum of KYC and AML with reduction in false positives much below the industry average through AI and machine learning, thus reducing the man power required for investigation. Our transaction monitoring identifies and flags any serious incidents or suspicious transactions by a configurable rule engine and by non-rule-based algorithm into a configurable workflow.


The workflow is highly customizable and is primarily meant to execute the flagged entities and transactions for complete remediation at various stages through the process as determined by the environment. The workflow is designed to work both with internal and external sources while keeping the data secure, enables Bot based image to text conversion, water marking and digitally signing the documents.

Our Forensics- both for Fiat and Crypto finance initiate, track and report any frauds by tracking the source of sender and receiver of fund transfers. Our Smart contract auditing services further strengthen any coding flaws and defective algorithms before they cause any breach.

Generative AI

Use Generative AI for building an elevated customer experience be it at the digital interfaces or physical ones. Our AI can engage with the customers, understand and execute their intent. It also can browse through vast volumes of internal procedures for query resolution or supporting business rules engine.

Distributed Ledger Technology

Maximize ROI by eliminating unnecessary layers and build trustworthy systems using Distributed Ledger Technology, be it in fractional / full ownership of assets, validation of source data, carbon accounting or integrating with the CBDCs.

Sustainability/ ESG

Achieve ESG commitments by tracking the carbon neutrality and net zero GHGs through our Green Carbon platform. Manage resource planning, Use tokenized wallets for transfer of carbon credits across exchanges, empower portfolio advisors with ESG data with  company wise rankings.

VenusGeo Solutions specializes in ensuring technology stacks work seamlessly for customers across industries.

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