Wallet for carbon credits and GHG emissions in a SaaS based Enterprise Platform

Our Platform Capabilities

The Green Carbon Wallet is an Open Wallet for storing Carbon Credits & GHG Emissions. Carbon Credits are accredited by VERRA /Gold Standards/ ONCRA / UCR / GCC and other globally recognized UNFCCC approved registries. Our wallet provides organizations to get their carbon projects initiated, certified and conversion of the offsets to carbon credits. Our Smart Contract acts as a ledger for storing, distribution, tracking and retiring carbon offsets. Our offsets are independently tracked, verified by third party experts, applying internationally approved verification protocols, and the use of Blockchain ledgers to ensure no repeat sales of certified carbon offsets.

Carbon Credits

Project Initiation
– Initiate Carbon Credit Projects
– Ability to upload & store the documents required for – Certifications (VERRA/GS/ ONCRA)

– Issued & Certified Credit Balances
– Projected Carbon Credit Values
– Tracking & Accountability of the sub-units

Carbon Credits Trading
– Buy/Sell Carbon Credits
– Order & Trade History
– International Settlements in US$

– Carbon Credits Analytics
– Trend Analysis
– Targets Vs Actuals

Platform Features

Carbon Credit Workflow

Carbon Credit Management

Marketplace – Buy/Sell

GHG Emissions Insights

Target Setting & Buy Offsets


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