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Service Management has evolved. From on-premises, to SaaS, to public cloud, Organizations today need managed services which are modern in design, focusing on automation,configuration, leveraging AI/ML, and promoting self-service.

As organizations modernize and move to the cloud, their operations needs to modernize as well. No longer are operations limited to applications in the data center but are now a complicated mix spanning SaaS, platform services, and Infrastructure Services both on-premises and in the public cloud. This operations requires a modern approach, leveraging declarative configurations, resource orchestration, and API’s for management. It also requires being proactive about governance, monitoring, and cost optimization and using modern tools and digital labor to augment humans for efficiency and scalability.

Venus Application Managed Services(VAMS)

VenusGeo Application Managed Services (VAMS) help enterprises modernize their operations with managed services aligned to modern service delivery. From cognitive agent augmented Service Desk to Site Reliability Engineering for your most critical services to ensuring you remain compliant and without drift to highly automated monitoring and remediation for your larger portfolio of enterprise applications in your hybrid environment, VenusGeo has you covered.

Managed Operations

Comprehensive Enterprise Managed Service providing modern service management including incident management and request fulfilment with a hybrid workforce of digital and human labor to Site Reliability Engineering for the most critical of services or a combination of both. Proactive management and maintenance approach is used through implementing DevOps practices for software defined resource provisioning, maintenance, and deployment automation.

SaaS Operations

Management and governance over the portfolio of SaaS products used by a business that is designed to provide businesses greater control and visibility over their SaaS portfolios, including SSO and user lifecycle management, continuous discovery of ‘shadow IT’, license management and product rationalization, as well as cost containment.

Continuous Compliance

A managed service to help ensure compliance and security control requirements for resources both in the data center and the cloud are continuously being met with drift from baselines promptly detected, investigated, escalated and remediated. This service helps customers reducing risk by ensuring adherence to their own baseline security requirements, industry standards such as CIS, or external regulatory requirements.

Agility, Rapid Provisioning
Reduced Complexity, Operational Risk and Cost
Improved Service Coverage & Resiliency
Improved Stakeholder experience

Our Managed Services Methodology

Given every customer is unique, VenusGeo works to understand the customers situation including the full scope of resources for management, the current tools and gaps, customer domain, as well as the short-term and long-term goals. We then align with the customer with a road map to integrate tools, plug up technology gaps, transfer knowledge and transition the services seamlessly without interruption or degradation. Post transition, VenusGeo focuses on continuous improvement and as the your needs change, evolve with you, providing the agility and scale you need for your business to grow and prosper.

Our Differentiators

  • Agility, rapid provisioning

  • Reduced Complexity, Operational Risk and Cost

  • Improved Service Coverage & Resiliency

  • Improved Stakeholder experience

VenusGeo Solutions specializes in ensuring technology stacks work seamlessly for customers across industries.

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