ESG Objectives

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations have become increasingly important for companies across various industries, including the information technology (IT) sector. As organizations worldwide aim to address sustainability challenges and social responsibilities, IT companies have developed solutions to assist businesses in managing their ESG objectives effectively.

ESG solutions provided by IT companies encompass a range of technologies and services designed to support environmental conservation, social impact, and governance transparency.

ESG is no longer an add-on or an afterthought to the investing process rather, it is now a crucial part of it. Our products are designed with the intention of giving customers the useful information they require to meet their sustainability objectives.

ESG Values
The Greenhouse Gas Protocol, a generally accepted standard for GHG accounting, includes three separate categories: Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3.

Direct greenhouse gas emissions from sources within the ownership or control of the organization are referred to as scope 1 emissions. These include burning fossil fuels to provide electricity, heat, and power for industrial activities.

Indirect emissions, or scope 2 emissions, are produced when the organization generates heat, steam, and purchased energy.

Other Indirect Emissions, or Scope 3 Emissions. A larger class of indirect emissions known as scope 3 emissions are those that come from activities that are part of the firm’s value chain but are not under the direct control of the organization. These emissions come from a variety of unowned and uncontrolled sources.

Reaching “net zero” means striking a balance between the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere and those that are taken out of it. This can be accomplished by cutting emissions as much as feasible and compensating for any leftover emissions with actions like investing in projects that lower emissions elsewhere or developing carbon removal technologies.

ESG Framework

Our ESG solution is positioned to help

Asset Managers

Our solution can assess ESG risk exposures, respond confidently to sustainable investment mandates, and embed each client’s ESG priorities in security- and portfolio-level decisions.

Asset Owners

Our solution can keep an eye out for asset managers who take on unwarranted ESG risks or who “greenwash”, and use comprehensive, unbiased statistics to demonstrate how asset owners are adhering to sustainability regulations.

Wealth/investment advisors & brokerage firms

Our solution can construct portfolios with mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, and/or bonds that reflect each client’s ESG values and goals. They also optimize ESG risks by category across each client’s investments while preserving the desired structure and exposures of the entire portfolio.

Investment Product Issuers

Our solution uses consensus-based scores and/or raw ESG data to design new investment vehicles and creates index (and other rules-based) investment strategies to meet specific investor demand for ESG funds and products.

Fintech Platforms

Our solutions give clients easy access to ESG data and analyses, fully integrated within your platform and makes ESG/sustainable investing data more “user-friendly” and affordable


Our solution uncovers ESG vulnerabilities, identifies where meaningful improvements could be made, and set targets to improve firm’s ESG ratings in ways that will appeal to investors.

Creating and running businesses with sustainable operations has become pertinent with most of the countries committing to carbon net neutrality to be achieved within a given deadline. Financial Services has a two-pronged responsibility- to invest in ESG and thereby enable companies in reaching sustainability goals, track and report their own commitment to respective registries in order to ensure compliance. All this through creating a trail of verifiable data that can be recorded and retrieved when needed in near real time.


Investing in ESG

VenusGeo is committed as ever in helping financial institutions in identification of a given company’s performance as per their financial reports. Our application is capable to crawl through a given web site or internet in bringing up related documentation that can be stored with ESG parameters being identified and highlighted for ready reference- for making quick and verifiable investment decisions or recommendations. For each of the parameter a specific score is assigned, along with a final weighted score being given as the overall outcome. Further a normalized consensus score is given that is the output of normalizing the scores as received from multiple market data providers- accommodating ‘wisdom of the crowd’. The application is primed to be used by portfolio advisors in helping their clients make climate friendly investments.


Tracking and Reporting

Our platform eliminates the need to track in isolation- various measures being taken by the companies in internally promoting climate friendly practices. Most of these may be tracked in excel files that are open for corruption or loss of data. Our system creates an enterprise level view of all the efforts being undertaken for reaching a given goal by the end of a period, along with reporting the same within the prescribed regulatory formats. We further offer consulting for any additions or modifications in regulatory requirements, along with ensuring those changes are reflected in the outputs.

Empowering The ESG Journey
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