Transforming Organizations through Digital Reimagination to enable a new model of healthcare and improve people’s lives

Delivering healthcare IT is a complex and wide-ranging responsibility. It is vital to choose an IT partner with experience in both the business and technology of healthcare. We work with providers, payers, and pharmacies to navigate the technology landscape, develop a plan, and deliver the optimal healthcare IT solutions for business.

You can count on us to re-imagine your transformational journey, achieve greater levels of automation and efficiency, convert data into actionable insights, cloud transformation, innovate new products and services.

Our integrated approach aims for the best possible outcomes for all healthcare entities by combining and aligning the wisdom, empathy, and insight of human agency with deep digital capabilities.

Generative AI in Patient Intake

In the modern healthcare experience, Eligibility & Benefits Verification (EBV) plays an important role. While a majority of EBVs are digital, companies still end up fielding nearly a billion calls. Gen AI has the potential to eliminate these last-mile manual interventions and make the EBV process faster and more efficient. It can process both structured and unstructured data from vast and complex healthcare information (patient data, policy details, contracts and regulations) and analyze it to provide decision support to healthcare providers—eventually improving efficiency, accuracy, and patient experience.

Patients and members struggle to make sense of medical jargon, treatment details and insurance policies. By harnessing GenAI, healthcare providers can create a more patient-centric experience, where every interaction is tailored to the individual’s unique medical history, condition, and preferences. For instance, patients with chronic conditions can avail virtual Gen AI-powered chatbot support to get tailored guidance for dietary and lifestyle choices based on their specific needs.

Member services

Create custom coverage summaries for specific benefits questions (online and via call-center contacts); generate call scripts and other content for outbound nonclinical communications; deploy adaptive chatbots and smart routing to help answer service questions for members and providers; suggest clinicians based on parameters (for example, coverage, location, preferences, conditions)

PatCx: VenusGeo’s GenAI Healthcare Platform automates the intake process to have better and easier experience for your patients and  administrative staffs to increase profit by quick patient activation & services.


Automated Patient Check-in through Kiosk
Reduces administrative burden placed on staff
Self-service payments
Automated eligibility verification
Autonomous mobile Robot staff

Key Solution Offerings of our PatCx platform include

Online Pre-Registration and  Scheduling

  • Patients manage appointment related tasks anytime, anywhere

  • Accurate data collection with real-time patient data updates

  • Increase collections with bill pay, cost estimates and insurance eligibility

  • Digital forms and questionnaires capture and store e-signature

Kiosk – Patient Express Check-In

  • Self-service onsite patient registration reduces wait times

  • Convenient express check-in with barcode scanner

  • ID and insurance image capture for accurate, real-time patient data

  • Integrated POS digital payment processing

  • Secure biometric authentication

Virtual Waiting Room

  • Mobile app lets patients manage care on the go

  • Contactless pre-registration and check-in

  • Update insurance, demographics and pay bills with digital wallet

  • Complete digital forms prior to appointment

  • Text alerts patient when caregiver is ready

  • Leverage mobile device biometrics for secure access

AMR Staff Intake

  • Personally greet patients and complete intake tasks

  • AMR staff can Register, update demographics, collect payment, check insurance eligibility, receive estimates for care and schedule appointments

  • AMR escorts patients to their care appointment location

Patient Flow Management

  • Integrated staff facing dashboard shows patient queue and wait times

  • Prioritize patient flow queue and manage room placement

  • Set customized administrative alerts and flags

  • Analyze patient access data across locations

  • Digital waiting room displays

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