Internal policies and procedures factored into business rules engine


A Global BFSI enterprise, faced challenges in managing and implementing its internal policies and procedures efficiently. The company aimed to enhance compliance, reduce manual oversight, and ensure a dynamic system capable of adapting to evolving regulations. They approached VenusGeo to leverage Generative AI to revamp its business rules engine and incorporate internal policies seamlessly.


We developed and implemented Generative AI algorithms capable of understanding natural language and extracting relevant information from internal policy documents.

Our solution highlights include:

  • Trained the AI to map and classify policies, ensuring accurate identification of rules and procedures within the organization.
  • Enhanced the business rules engine to dynamically update and adapt based on the information extracted by the Generative AI algorithms.
  • Integrated a feedback loop to continuously improve the accuracy and relevance of the generated rules.
  • Implemented a monitoring system that provided real-time alerts for potential policy violations or discrepancies.
  • Designed an intuitive interface that allowed non-technical users to  input policy changes and updates easily.


The integration of Generative AI into the business rules engine led to several positive outcomes:

  • The system enabled agile and real-time updates to business rules based on changes in internal policies and external regulations.
  • Automated monitoring and alerts significantly reduced the risk of non-compliance by quickly identifying and addressing policy violations.

Manual efforts for updating and managing business rules were drastically reduced, leading to operational cost savings and increased efficiency.