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Biometrics was developed over the last 60 years to measure the physiological characteristics of a person, including their fingerprints, iris patterns, and facial features which can uniquely identify them. The field of biometrics as a technology employs standards and compliance procedures that allow businesses to implement biometric solutions. These solutions facilitate the creation of identity management platforms executing business function across verticals and domains for businesses and governments.

Venusgeo evolves its solutions as technology changes. Our innovation team is actively involved with the technology’s evolution, building proof of concepts and prototypes. This team has the right mix of skills required to build products and solutions integrating digital assets such as sensors and readers.

Venusgeo offers a portfolio of solutions in biometrics to the cruise industry.
Why VenusGeo

is the Catalyst

Our customers universally object to lines and forms but are besieged by them as they travel. Venusgeo has devoted years to helping them. First, we need to know that each of them is who they say they are, and that they are headed to the right destination. Our biometric markers operate remotely and in real time. These mobile solutions shorten the lines and speed up the processing while making everyone more secure.

Efficient identity management is key to firms’ effective use of resources, particularly human resources. From the enterprise level, finding the identity of employees, customers and the public is essential at all levels of the business. Venusgeo brings mobility and security to the process of identity management with cost effective, state of the art, biometric solutions.

Mobile is the keynote of analytics. Venusgeo’s biometric solutions for face, fingerprint and iris identification are robust. They offer an integration with the firm’s IT infrastructure at points of entry, travel routes, or disembarkment. These are mobile devices requiring no specific hardware design.

Venusgeo’s biometric output is a digital asset available for integration into mobile solutions. Our data provides analytics which can be embedded it to an enterprise IT architecture, including real time feeds to a wide variety of mobile solutions. Our digital media can work with your firm’s digital asset management system (DAM) and content management system (CMS).

Venusgeo’s expertise in biometric sensing and analysis can provide the basis for corporate planning and strategy. Choosing the right technology for the travel industry requires an in-depth appreciation of the core technologies underlying biometrics as well as their evolution into tomorrow’s solutions.

The exponential growth of biometric sensing speaks of the growth in technology performance and user acceptance. Face recognition has grown from infancy to a ubiquitous technology with the rise of sensors and advances in AI. In many applications, biometric sensing is moving from standard practice to a compliance issue. Venusgeo is a global leader in the field.

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Venusgeo's work in biometrics focuses on facial, finger, and iris technologies in the travel, tourism, corporate, and educational industries. Biometrics is a principal business line for Venusgeo and one of our digital first technologies for reliability and agility among our NextGen Technology Services.