Transfer Operate Build (TOB)
A Comprehensive Global Enterprise Delivery Framework
Tried and tested | Technology transformation is imperative,
at what cost, why and when
Every IT system built has a time relevance using technologies specific for your business purpose and vision. Transformation evolves gradually based on time, market dynamics and customer needs. It is not a flip away. It involves several strategic decision processes
Flexible and intuitive | Engage from the stage of your IT platform
TOB framework is flexible and built to toggle positions based on the stage of your IT platform’s maturity. TOB opens a clear and intuitive “assemble your process” feature help position TOB as the best-fit
TOB is the Catalyst

TOB's framework approach brings role collaboration helping IT and business to partner on shaping overall strategy and streamlining operations. TOB enables predictive steps to smooth this effort and changeover
48% of the survey response agree as newer technology adoption matures, cultural dichotomy increases

As a partner we rapidly align our resources with your deep talent and also bring forth important tools and technologies to accelerate the entire process. We identify and bridge these gaps early
51% of CXO agree that newer technologies and digital adoption can create a skill gap

Business complexities, intricate technology architecture, components, services and enablers nurtured over years needs a precise and diligent approach. We have matured our transition method with a seamless set of processes
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