At Venusgeo, building software is our passion. We create software’s to solve problems that help different sect of communities. Businesses, social, aggregators can use our platform and reap benefits. Our products are inclusive, addressing some of the relevant needs of the current society.

Our products are cloud based and can be used on mobile devices. Change is constant, and hence we keep innovating, our existing product portfolio and address newer challenges posed. As much as we love software, its our people and culture that are most valuable assets. We have spent many years mastering it.

Our commitment is to provide a simple, robust, user friendly platform. When you choose our products for your organization or as an individual, you don't just get the product. You get our enduring commitment to keep improving your experience. You get our relentless devotion to customer satisfaction.


ReportYourLoss, is an ecosystem platform built to address the basic problem, “When you lose your mobile device” What do you do? Can I locate it? Can I retrieve my device back? Whom should I approach?


Mobile devices are most treasured possession, essential for communication, entertainment and with the advent of the app economy, all manner of everyday activities, commercial and private. Mobile devices are an extension of one self, where private data, contacts, messages, apps, password are being stored. Losing a mobile device creates a huge impact. The reason being expensive, second the importance of information stored in the device. There is no platform that works, which helps find my lost phone? ReportYourLoss is a platform which bridges the lost owner and the finder.

Pain areas:

  • About 3.1 million phones are lost in America, and nearly 1.4 million of them are lost and not traceable. (
  • Similar is the case in other countries, lost and never found.
  • Current scenario, there isn’t a common platform, system, process, where you can get managed help in finding your lost phone.
  • Government agencies, telecom operators, crime & police dept aren’t quite equipped to handle the criticality and the volume.
  • The general perception, if one lost his phone, it’s gone forever. We have multiple apps, Android, I phone which helps in erasing data, lock phone, GPS location, etc.
  • In the event ( loss of phone), people fail / deprived knowledge, awareness and in a sense of shock, fail to activate these set of options.
  • More over these options are available only to disable the phone and make it defunct.
  • None give the options to help find the lost phone.
  • There is definitely "Few Good People" left, who would be able to return the lost phone.
  • We are encouraging, enabling, the attitude to value others money and return the lost mobile device to the owner.

Our platform addresses these pain areas:

  • Create an ecosystem, which helps towards retrieving lost mobile devices.
  • Create and cultivate the habit of returning lost mobile devices through our platform.
  • Officially record the lost IMEI database, centralized which can be used by Government, regularity bodies, Telecom operators, resellers, etc.
  • Say No to buying stolen mobile phones.
  • Reducing the sale of lost mobile phones.
  • Reducing the misuse of lost mobile phones.
  • Engage in building an institutional responsibility.
  • Valuing others Money.

Solution features

Mobile subscribers can register, save and maintain device specific details on the platform, privately secured.Reporting the lost device can be updated at the occurrence of the event by status change.

Salient features:

  • We help connect two people, one who has lost the phone, the finder.
  • Lost LOG details are shared with Government, law enforcement agencies, resellers, mobile operators, to stop misuse of mobile services for anti social activities
  • Resellers can check the authenticity of the phone, either a stolen phone.
  • Retailers can check the authenticity of the phone – exchange scheme.
  • Second hand phone buyers can check on the status update of the mobile phone purchased.


HireRevolution is a product of Venusgeo which operates in the large online recruitment market in India. The product networks between top candidates and employers in BigData/Cloud/Analytics space.

SAAS hiring is a new phenomenon, wherein we have new technologies, tools emerging every day, which are predominately open ware, and the need to hire these top notch professionals is ever increasing. Current Gen recruitment professional are yet to scale in sharpening their expertise is recruiting SAAS skills. This platform gives a next generation approach which completely changes the old recruitment practice by only providing top notch professional categorized for SAAS hiring.

Client’s benefits – they are provided qualified, validated ready to hire professional, which eases, their time to hire.

Candidate’s benefits – provide a range of opportunities, in one platform.

This product gives equal power to both the employers and candidates to gain the best possible outcome. The product effectively captures all the necessary data from both the employer and candidates with integrity. The product targets widely spread across sectors like e-commerce, mobile and enterprise SAAS.

Areas we specialize:

  • Big Data.
  • Analytics / Data Science.
  • Cloud Computing.


WanderLust is a travel tourism aggregator. Our platform helps travel and tourism community to share, collaborate and reap benefits. A ready to use platform, with minimum customization. WanderLust has created, an underlying architecture which enables organizations to create their own product portfolio. The product provides API’s packages to the providers so that they can customize the product according to their needs.

The product also ties up with a network of travel agencies, local cab providers and local hotels which slackens the difficulty of providers to expedite the whole experience. WanderLust is also built on Android and iOS platforms which enables the product to be handled On-The-Go and provide hassle free usage. The product also supports other languages other than English to gain more attention in the world market.

The product hoards tourism providers, local guides, transportation agencies, Hotels and Resorts, Adrenaline sports providers etc., into one platform which can be easily used by them to build their own localized products. The product curates the best of services available across the world with the help of travel experts who travel across various places and identify the best in everything to give the product users an impeccable experience.


ConnectivDining is a product of Venusgeo which targets the ever loved food industry. The product is basically built on top of Android and iOS to enable foodies across the world to reserve tables and also ease the difficulty of the restaurants. ConnectivDining abates overwhelming crowd at restaurants and also facilitates the foodies across the world to experience their love for food, hassle free.

For users

The product ties up with the best restaurants across the world which brings in the ecstasy of dining. The users are furnished with all the possible details of Open Restaurants, Timings, Menus, Table Availability with date and time so that they can reserve a table with all parameters using filters.

Notification Centre in ConnectivDining provides all the current bookings, previous bookings, suggestions and featured offers / Vouchers which keep the user informed periodically. ConnectivDining also features Plan My Menu option which will enable the user to plan according to his taste and interest.

The user can plan his order before he goes to restaurant which actually slackens the time ordering at the restaurant. As an add-on ConnectivDining provides suggested menus while checking out.

For restaurants

Every restaurant who has successfully on boarded into our platform will receive a device which has ConnectivDining built in. ConnectivDining displays all the reserved tables and also has devices for sub users which will be handed over to waiters. The restaurants can also reserve, cancel or modify bookings based on customer’s interest.

ConnectivDining also provides a platform which every waiter in a restaurant can use. A waiter can take orders or use the customer id to fetch Plan My Menu chosen by the customer and send it directly to the kitchen. Every order is processed through KOT(Kitchen Order Token) so that the kitchen can fulfil the order as soon as possible.


FastPax is a powerful mobile solution which enables Airlines and Ground Handlers to REDUCE Passenger Check-In TIME at counters. The Solution helps to enhance passenger experience and satisfaction. Simplifies airlines processes, increases customer experience and steers airlines towards cutting down the cost of Airport Operations pertaining to passenger Check-In, Boarding etc.,

FastPax uses latest cutting edge Mobile and wireless technologies to integrate Tablets, Smartphones, Scanners, Mobile Printers with airline systems and airport infrastructure to achieve complete end to end mobile solution which is extremely Fast, Robust and Secured. FastPax adds Grabba to its hardware support for Passport MRZ reader and 2D barcode reader. Solution can be customized to airline specific needs, The solution is supported on Android and iOS platforms.


  • Easy and Seamless to Integrate.
  • Integrates with all Major DCS such as SITA, AMADEUS, SABRE and NAVITAIRE.
  • Best ROI.
  • Using Latest Cutting Edge Technology.
  • 24*7 Customer Support at Minimal Cost.
  • Low Cost Operations.
  • Efficient management of Airport Facilities.