Mobility Transforming the World
and Your Business


So Long to Wires

The relative advantage of mobile in providing increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction is propelling its adoption in all areas of business. But making a business mobile is disruptive and transformational since commerce is becoming as mobile as the consumer. The pace of this change is accelerating because customers are quick to adopt a mobile version of the static business they used to frequent. Mobile is the new stay in business for many enterprises and challenges their IT structures to change.

Venusgeo can make your firm a high performer in this explosively growing mobile architecture. We view mobility as a consequence not a cause. It is the systemic result of advances in hardware and software. A company’s response to it needs to be organizational and focus on the customer. We look at the move to mobile as inevitable and holistic. It was always going to happen, and our response must span the organization and its goals.
Why VenusGeo

is the Catalyst

Firms initiating the move to enterprise mobility are drawn to the transformation because of the efficiencies involved. But the move can be expensive, however, and should not be done piecemeal. A firmwide strategy and careful plan are prerequisites to avoid business disruptions. Venusgeo is a facilitator and partner with the expertise to accomplish the shift at the minimum cost.

Not all parts of an enterprise are equally suitable for the shift to mobile. And the sequencing of the move given a firm’s budget constrains is important. A mapping of the firm’s processes from manufacturing and sales to legal needs to be developed. This requires the experience and deep domain knowledge that Venusgeo can offer.

For a typical corporation, mobile is not a single device or system: laptops, tablets, phones etc. Each has its own protocols and procedures and they all need to talk to each other. Implementing a connectivity solution in this multiple mobile environment is daunting and Venusgeo can help.

Standardization has never been the hallmark for most businesses. Each industry and line of business finds its own information flow and moving them to mobile demands the development of specific applications, often unique, and perhaps one off. Experience helps here. Venusgeo’s knowledge base is the product of two decades of exactly these types of IT challenges.

One of Venusgeo’s trademarks in moving a firm to mobile is testing. Testing software like mobile websites and apps. Testing hardware and systems. Testing before the release on a short time line is what we do.

Moving to mobile usually means new work procedures and an enhanced knowledge base. Training and testing are key elements to the process. Smart devices and an enhanced IT system may do little if the users don’t understand them. They may figure the devices out on their own but it is better to team with Venusgeo and gain from our experience.

Case Studies


Venusgeo is itself a global enterprise and so is inherently mobile in its architecture. We have had a technology partnership with leading customers for over a decade. They have relied on us for years to provide strategy and consulting, custom mobility solution development, and managed services.