Migration for Optimization


Digital Businesses Have New
Scale and Storage Needs

Firms are rapidly evolving into digital businesses, which produces a quantum leap in data. Systems that were adequate to manage the information of a traditional business find themselves overwhelmed by the new quantities required. This often creates a sudden necessity to migrate the old data to new IT architectures capable of supporting a true data-driven business in the digital age. Migrating large and complex datasets across an IT infrastructure requires expertise and experience.

Venusgeo’s Migration Cloud Services creates a detailed assessment of the customer’s IT status to gain a deep understanding of the impact of a data migration on vital business functions. As an expert in risk in data migrations, we provide comprehensive governance and structured processes for planning, estimating, and implementing migrations with the lowest level of risk to the company’s business operations and the lowest cost to the bottom line. The goal is an optimization of the systems and data migration, making the customer’s data accessible and secure.
Why VenusGeo

is the Catalyst

Migrating data from legacy to state-of-the-art systems that enable greater accessibility from other applications takes collaboration and communications among stakeholders and technology teams. Our focus is to take a leadership role in that process and ensure performance is enhanced, scale is achieved, and backup features for business continuity such as cloning and snapshots are part of the end result.

A host of technical and operational decisions need to be made when migrating to the cloud. We can facilitate the process with migration architecture guidance. This includes an IT strategy which determines the best cloud solution for your needs, identification of key performance indicators for the cloud, prioritization of elements of the implementation of the migration and managing timelines for production and priorities. Storage migration is often part of the cloud migration process and Venusgeo can handle this aspect of the migration as well.

Application migration can take many forms. It may be moving an application from one platform to another, or on-site systems to the cloud. It can also be moving applications between virtual environments. Venusgeo handles these migrations, ensuring collaboration among stakeholders to generate the highest level of governance, security, planning, and execution.

Case Studies


Our global customers have large data needs. For them, data migration is essential, but so too is managing the risk associated with implementing complex and deep migrations. Our data migration services facilitate this process, enhancing their competitive position whatever their market. Our customers know that optimizing this area of business results in greater stability and more opportunities to scale up valuable business functions.