Integrate and Manage Your Cloud and Traditional
Infrastructures More Effectively

Managed Services

Cut Risk, Costs, And Scalability
Issues While Improving Efficiencies

Enterprises want to reap the benefits of hybrid environments, but may not be prepared for the increased IT complexity. Managed services have evolved significantly from the days of keeping-the-lights-on in the IT setup. Today they offer agility, security, speed and flexibility, as well as efficiency in processes and procedures to ensure compliance and productivity. The best managed services providers grasp the intricacies of your business. They are proactive in helping you avoid the disruptions and failures that will adversely impact your firm and customers. The importance of managed services continues to grow with the ever-expanding complexity of IT.

Venusgeo has deep expertise in managed services ensuring reliable and stable IT systems and infrastructures. We use our skills to build a robust and resilient IT infrastructure for our clients. We offer the scalability you need to avoid downtime and performance problems, run in a security-rich environment, and minimize infrastructure cost and complexity. We share your sense of urgency in preventing failures in all facets from the operating software, applications, and databases to functional support levels.
Why VenusGeo

is the Catalyst

Regular maintenance and performance checking is first rule for managed services from Venusgeo. A services plan includes a regular health check for the operating system. The frequency depends on the design and age but problems like poor performance or slow operations are symptoms that need to be addressed. Managing security and access control is another vital support we offer. We configure single sign-on functions as well as profile-based access for authorized users. Versions of software may need to be upgraded or the user may migrate to another product. Managed services include making a snapshot or a backup of databases as well as a cleanup of syslog files.

Database management has become more important as the volume of business data has grown. Unchecked data growth creates a wide variety of negative conditions, including poor application performance and compliance risk, to name a few. At Venusgeo, we protect the organization’s data, prevents legal and compliance risk, and keeps data-driven applications performing at their best. This includes performance monitoring and tuning, storage and capacity planning, backup and recovery, data archiving, data partitioning, replication, masking, and retirement.

The level of application support is usually delineated by the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Venusgeo’s processes include testing applications prior to live implementation, ensuring the correctness of performance of software and systems. Critical web apps, middleware and databases are monitored and tested.

Interim releases and version upgrades are applied. Regular maintenance and backups of the application would be expected as well as updating the test bed environment. Testing the integrity of the mobile application before IMEI categorizing and ensuring the correctness of EIR and CEIR file exchange is part of the process. Bugs fixes are tracked and hot fixes are released and implemented. These components are part of Venusgeo’s services that support the client’s own IT management functions.

Managed Services from Venusgeo include testing, updating and managing firewalls and intrusion protection systems. We help maintain security in public spaces with Virtual Private Smart Spaces (VPSS), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and employ Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) procedures and protocols.

Often the key user experience comes from the service desk. Venusgeo support is end user compliant and provides customers with detailed L1, L2 and L3 support. Our highly trained professionals can assist users on issues as per the defined SoP.

Venusgeo combines Infrastructure management with SaaS (Software as a Service) applications to optimize performance and availability as well as quickly remediate issues. We not only help by optimizing IT infrastructure and applications related to day-to-day business operations but also aid cost savings and increased operational efficiencies while providing opportunities for growth initiatives and innovation. We also are responsible for the functioning of the Network Operation Center (NOC) which includes 24x7 proactive monitoring, preventative maintenance, and an IT health check.

Case Studies


Our customers in the telecom, government, airline/cruise and retail industries are acutely aware that IT failures constitute a loss of business and confidence. They see it in real, bottom line terms. Managed services for them removes the stress of emergency IT problems, improving operational efficiency and minimizing IT costs.