The Internet of Things Connects
the Whole World to Itself

IoT & IIoT

IIt’s Bigger Than You Think, Really It Is

Imagine a world with billions of machines and sensors talking to each other. That is your world today and only a glimpse of what’s to come. The Internet of Things (IoT) and its industrial application (IIoT) have burst onto the scene in the last several years in applications and devices spanning healthcare to the home. The tools and techniques of IoT are taking the physical world digital. It will take companies with it. New products, new opportunities, and new efficiencies lie on this technology curve.

Venusgeo guides global companies as they re-imagine their business for the digital age. Our IoT security solutions are key to achieving a firm’s digital strategies and corporate goals. We provide concept, design, and implementation of IoT for our client’s individual needs. IoT does not operate alone. The IoT value chain includes services, applications, platforms, connectivity and devices. But opportunity comes with risk. The IoT poses new and novel privacy and security issues.
Why VenusGeo

is the Catalyst

Learn from the past. What would the internet look like if it had been conceived with security in mind? Safer. Now with IoT, Venusgeo and its customers know to embed security in the design. Security for data, applications, platforms, connectivity and devices to name a few. Consider it a portfolio of security solutions.

In IoT risk management is wholistic. The IoT is a portfolio of data, devices and things. We need to supervise and protect the identity of the users, the data transmitted and used, as well as the physical integrity of the things. It’s a lot, but at Venusgeo, we know that getting it right is worth it.

At its core, IoT systems cannot be secure without secure storage and firmware. Data must be valid and uncompromised in the cloud. It must not be compromised on transmission or receipt. And the storage needs to have firmware integrity and ensure that only trusted software is loaded. Venusgeo understands the integration of security protocols.

We are used to attacks on the computer code used in the Internet. In the Internet of Things, the Thing can be the basis of the attack as well. The attacker can focus on the cash used in a shared system, or variations in power usage or electromagnetic radiation. We at Venusgeo knows that they cannot be ignored. Installed IoT must be side-channel resistant as well as other aspects of IoT security.

Wireless networks are ubiquitous now and complex involving heterogeneous technologies. IoT must be able to access these diverse networks in order to be efficient. Testing and time have allowed Venusgeo to develop the needed experience in this field.

The truest insight in IoT implementation is that security in all of its multifaced ways must be conceived in the initial design. The cost of IoT security breaches have the real potential to dwarf those we find in the usual Internet experience. IoT security breaches can result in safety and international security issues.

Case Studies


Venusgeo has connected and delivered cross platform solutions with international customers. These businesses need a technology partner in IoT to help streamline their processes by integrating digital assets as well as IoT sensors and ultimately transition into a digital system. We focus on implementing privacy control interfaces to allow a firm’s customers to choose between degrees of information security and ease of use.