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Internet Security

Protecting Your IT Assets in the Cloud

Companies have aggressively moved all or part of their business to the cloud for efficiencies and return on investment (ROI). It’s the platform of choice because it offers the lowest costs in analytic and business functions. In addition, software as a service (SaaS) or other cloud-based solutions facilitate business adoption of the cloud. The trend toward cloud dominance will only grow as latency falls and speed increases. However, failure to take security issues sufficiently seriously can negate the cost and efficiency benefits offered by cloud computing.

Venusgeo can provide you with the confidence that your infrastructure is 24/7 secure. We can accomplish this without straining your company’s IT budget. Our managed security platforms integrate with your IT infrastructure, enabling us to protect your business applications and systems in the cloud. Venusgeo offers higher confidence in security, lower support costs, and enhanced visibility into your IT infrastructure. We deliver the best protection of your applications and data in the cloud.
Why VenusGeo

is the Catalyst

Protect resources in the cloud with continuous integrated surveillance, either on-site or with a cloud-based option. We ensure that your enterprise security policies are met. As a cloud access security broker, Venusgeo implements enhanced safety measures for users in the cloud service, securing data and services from the provider. This results in coherent and consistent protection of all of the intellectual property in the web in a variety of forms. In today’s connected environment, that can include mobile, web, remote, or on-site, and also syncing data with third parties.

SSO allows for a centralized access and control while enabling the company’s IT professionals to monitor IT activity. Venusgeo can help your company research, develop, and manage SSO for control management.

Match the hacker’s expertise. Venusgeo specializes in mail security. It offers protection against threats such as data breaches, phishing, and harmful advertising as well as suspicious emails and links.

Hackers are a continual threat. Malware attacks are real. Addressing these is an ongoing issue for all firms. Venusgeo has experience spanning decades across industries and verticals. We leverage this knowledge base of threats and risks for the benefit of our customers. We can resolve immediate problems, shutting down vulnerabilities in your websites, applications, and even internal systems. We suggest preventative measures as well.

Threats lurk as businesses operate. Unless network data flowing to and from servers is adequately managed and protected, this will lead to suboptimal returns. Venusgeo offers a cost effect method of seamlessly integrating continuous advances in network protection. We focus on immediate resolution of existing threats as well as procedures to prevent them from becoming a problem.

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We provide our clients with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Security, offering SECaaS. The clients are focused on continuous monitoring, data loss prevention, access management, network security, web security and vulnerability scanning. Our customers do this as part of corporate responsibility and good governance.