Security Begins with Identity


IDentify: Use Government Data to Identify Your Customers

With the sheer size of the population, the increase in their mobility, and the seemingly ever- increasing chaos in the world, the need to know your customer has never been greater. And the need extends across businesses and governments as well as the customers themselves. Security concerns have multiplied, and governments have responded by building vast databases of vital information. Updating that information and putting it to use in potentially dangerous situations has been a challenge.

IDentify is Venusgeo’s mobile solution introduced in association with SKO Systems, a Venusgeo subsidiary, for verifying the identity of a person. It helps make the world a safer place by quickly and easily confirming the legitimacy of the documents of a holder. Through the use of a mobile app and Grabba technology, IDentify links to a government database containing relevant information. This rapid verification tool obtains and verifies the information from a swiped passport and communicates the result in real-time, enhancing the security process while delivering a wow experience to passengers on cruises lines, in airports, and with the public generally.
Case Studies


IDentify is a solution for what is literally a universal problem in security. Our clients in the cruise and entertainment industries, including Carnival Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line, have deployed IDentify to enhance the experience and safety of their customers and staff. IDentify is simple to use and requires no training. Using it increases safety and lowers the operating costs of our customers.