The Power of Mobile to
Speed Check-In


FastPax: Fast and Easy,
More Satisfied Guests

No one likes waiting in lines. And not surprisingly, this is what travelers say in surveys. People want to get where they're going without stress and that usually starts with a smooth check-in experience. Anything else is a top frustration. Mobile solutions offer an advanced level of efficiency to the critical processes of check-in and on boarding. In the airline and cruise industries, customers demand high levels of efficiency from the start.

FastPax, Venusgeo’s Android-based mobile solution for airlines and cruise ships, improves the speed and mobility of check-in without any front-end customization. The FastPax solution introduced in association with SKO Systems, a Venusgeo subsidiary, consists of hardware and software aimed towards drastically cutting down the operational cost of the airline and cruise companies, the wait time of the passengers and also enhancing the merchandising possibilities. We can provide the network access services, integration and testing services to add this efficiency tool to your travel operations to reduce passenger check-in and boarding time at the counters.
Case Studies


Our clients in the cruise industry, including Carnival Cruise Line, have deployed FastPax to ensure faster check-in for their customers. FastPax helps both the customer and the company. The customer receives an enhanced experience and the company gets a bump in operational efficiency and security. FastPax provides a download of the manifest, passenger searches, passport and barcode readers as well as other ease of use functionalities.