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Engineering Is the Core
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Disruptive digital technologies continue to create novel solutions for tomorrow’s business model. Connectivity remains key. But keeping a rapidly evolving customer connected to your business is one of the core digital challenges. A business is not an island anymore. Smart devices entangle it into a sea of opportunities and allow a complete reimagination of businesses.

Venusgeo prides itself in its extensive and thorough engineering skills. While we are broad-based, we retain a central interest in digital transformation. This becomes apparent in the scope of our services, which take abstract technical concepts and implement them in real business designs. We are both technical specialists and partners in the re-engineering and digital transformation of our customers.
Why VenusGeo

is the Catalyst

Customers produce data but they are people first. The most successful firms engineer their processes to place the customer at the core of their business. The elegance of the solution is of little value if it does not engage the customer in a satisfying manner. This is a technical challenge but it is guided by a company’s policy. Venusgeo can help a firm engineer the devices and processes to stay connected with their distracted, constantly challenged customers.

Traditional business functions from sales to accounting all require their own reinterpretation as numerical problems. The mindset of the engineer is key to this process. But it must be an experienced engineer with an eye to the nuances of a business. Our engineering professionals excel in this process and offer partnership and leadership in bringing a digital approach which flows to the bottom line.

Very few companies run without legacy systems which provide a continuous challenge to maintain and operate. Many were state of the art not very long ago but now are a costly impediment to functions ranging from manufacturing to back office. These systems need to be reengineered to allow the firm to develop as a digital enterprise. And the reengineering needs to be done using the least, cost best practices which Venusgeo can offer.

Digital engineering with Venusgeo is a consultative process. Our engineers integrate with your professionals in a collaborative fashion understanding your business and culture. Their mission goes beyond the design of a process or product. They implement digital imagination as well as digital analysis. Our goal is a long-term collaboration, imagining your firm digitally and improving operational efficiency to increase connectivity with your customers.

Venusgeo can help you SMAC your brand. The synergies of social, mobile, analytics and the cloud offer a powerful new paradigm for a wide array of businesses. It also provides a daunting web of technical challenges. Overcoming them is now a stay-in-business item. Venusgeo can show how these separate functionalities can propel sales and provide today’s competitive advantage in a short planning horizon and within your budget.

Make disruption your friend. Engineer your data systems with the adaptability and speed to integrate wearables, bots and the next new thing. Venusgeo has helped firms to bring their strategic plans in line with accelerating change in IT. We can team with your firm to envision the best applications of these technologies for marketing and sales.

The digital enterprise of tomorrow is a leading culture. Embedding a system of education into an organization is a key part of the business plan. The technologies which will make a company the best tomorrow haven’t been created yet. But they will emerge and your professionals will need to understand them. Venusgeo can help with formalized learning like workshops. And, importantly, our digital engineers can forge the interpersonal relationships between individuals which are the real key to a learning culture.

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Our engineering clients need to produce new products in less time as they adapt to rapidly evolving business demands. They are global in nature and technically sophisticated. We provide a wide spectrum of engineering services for companies and have ongoing and long term projects in a broad spectrum of industries.