Get Nimble with DevOps


Culture Shift, Rapid Development,
And Continuous Delivery Are A Holy Grail

Companies seeking an edge in their industry are using DevOps as a way to innovate rapidly, automate, test and quickly move the digital products to release. Integrating DevOps into a business provides an automatic and recurring system of innovation and new product development. It is an enterprise level recognition of the need for efficiencies in new product development, removing the inefficiencies of traditional R&D and business development units.

Venusgeo can spearhead DevOps for your firm, bringing together all of the stakeholders in the project. We collaborate with these disparate groups to define governance and optimal solutions in their respective spaces. Drawing on two decades of experience with internationally recognized firms, Venusgeo’s professionals can offer insights, strategy, and best practices for successful DevOps implementations. Venusgeo’s DevOps services facilitate enterprise level adoption of processes and procedures for ongoing development and delivery of innovative responses to the demands of customers.
Why VenusGeo

is the Catalyst

We start the DevOps journey by assessing your current status using models that look at the maturity of your software and operational processes and procedures. We review your current state of coding and building, testing and releasing software, as well as automating and continuously delivering and deploying solutions. We are inclusive, tying in the business teams in your organization. DevOps involves a cultural shift, aligning stakeholders around objectives. We work with you to map out a DevOps path to meet your business goals.

One issue of first instance is defining governance issues. Risk management is a priority in an environment of continuous delivery of products and solutions. When procedures are in place, DevOps can be implemented using industry build, deploy, with collaboration tools, processes, and procedures embraced by your company’s culture. Working with you, we can identify the best IT models for DevOps within your organization as well as testing and support processes for continuous delivery.

In order for a customer to maintain the momentum and efficiencies gained from DevOps, the process needs to be institutionalized as a recognized operation in the cloud. We can help bring your products and solutions into this virtual environment, which is well-suited for automation while controlling the technology. Venusgeo experts can ensure that scale and quality needs are met within this cloud-based framework.

We at Venusgeo know from experience that continuous delivery capabilities from DevOps offer a wide range of opportunities beyond automating the workflows of developers and rapidly delivering their code. We offer DevOps into business continuity issues, optimization for better performance, and enhancing scalability of a company’s systems. Our DevOps expertise and extensive knowledge of industry best practices brings customers to a new level of technological efficiency.

Case Studies


Our customers range from companies who have embedded DevOps into their culture to those new to the DevOps’ organizational philosophy. That philosophy combines culture, collaboration, products and solutions development into a continuous delivery process. Governance and new technology tools as well as collaborative development are among the DevOps skills Venusgeo offers customers seeking to be nimbler in their marketplace.