Data Analytics Is at The Heart of
Business Intelligence

Data Analytics

Data Analytics Plots the Path
to A Digital Future

Data Analytics is one part of data science. Data analytic methods are both general to the firm and specific to individual processes, but both are extremely technical in nature. The goal is to extract business information from the data which the business itself generates and collects. The information can be used for all manner of business decisions and operating processes, including understanding current customers, developing new products and efficient processes as well as building a data-driven business planning architecture.

Data analysis is a core competency of Venusgeo. It complements our business and personnel models by marrying advanced mathematical capabilities with a consultative approach to our customers. We are especially committed to predictive analytics, which employ data and models to evaluate and forecast specific problems. We integrate decision makers, IT systems, business analysts, and data miners into your business operations.
Why VenusGeo

is the Catalyst

Tools lie at the heart of every profession but only the right ones are of much help. The explosion of data generation has been accompanied by a commensurate growth in the number and power of tools to analyze it. One data analytic tool does not meet all needs. In fact, choosing the wrong one is not merely a waste of time but can deliver an entirely false business signal. Venusgeo can help. Our insights are an important guide in choosing the right one.

Venusgeo collaborates with very successful companies. We expect that they will be technically competent and we endeavor to make the even more so. We warehouse and develop advanced technical expertise, which we do not keep to ourselves. We know that the success of our customers relies on the enrichment of their capabilities, especially when it is joined with our commitment to the development of even more advanced technical expertise.

Analysis can guide the organization’s structure and goals. Venusgeo can help a firm capture the information contained in the firm’s own data and put it to use making the most of it for the company’s strategies. The analysis of sales data should automatically guide the sales effort. Demand for products and services can automatically tweak R&D. The organization can make itself smarter and more dynamic by learning from the results of its decisions. Venusgeo can help.

Real time compliance demands real time information encompassing the entire firm. From accounting to performance reviews, Venusgeo puts the governance of the firm in touch with its processes 24/7. Manufacturing specifications, sales goals, and regulatory reviews are variations of the data analysis the firm needs on demand and continuously. Data analysis must be designed for a wide range of internal stake holders and demanding customers. Venusgeo helps you stay ahead of your customer’s needs and your competition.

Venusgo’s technical expertise can help a firm translate their strategic goals into analytic goals. What does being the best in your business require you to know about your processes and your markets? What do you need to measure about the demand for your products and how is the analysis conducted? In a digital business, business policy and strategy needs to be expressed in strategic analytic goals.

Smart firms need ever more intelligent analytics. Venusgeo helps move the math into the income statement. We build algorithms to get the most from a process or procedure. Better is not the goal. Optimal is. The optimization algorithms are an integral part of the business culture. Machine learning can ensure that they are continuously re-optimizing in the dynamic, sometimes chaotic business environments they operate.

Case Studies


Venusgeo provides advanced data analytics to clients in the banking, cruise, telecom, retail, healthcare and ecommerce businesses. In the cruise industry for example, data analytics can answer questions like how do I increase wallet share? Can I increase the percent of new customers? How do I influence existing customers? The firms are interested in reducing cost and increasing profitability. Other industries have analogous questions and the answers lies in in data science.