Cloud Is the Long Game


Serves as A Tool for Architecture
Modernization and Flexibility

The cloud is enabling the next generation of business processes. How do you see your business transforming itself for efficiency and in what ways can the cloud help you get there? The cloud, with its ability to deliver easy access to your firm’s applications for your employees and customers, offers a multitude of transformative changes toward your future growth. It is the sine qua non for architecture modernization and flexibility with applications. It’s a game changer, for this year and the long run, too.

Venusgeo’s Cloud Services encompass the full complement of enterprise wide services, from consulting to implementation. It links operating services in the cloud directly to your corporate goals. In this ecosystem, we make the cloud an essential enterprise wide tool. We can help you deploy and scale applications and projects quickly and productively, modernizing your company’s information architecture while providing the application flexibility you need to grow your business.
Why VenusGeo

is the Catalyst

Venusgeo has the auditing and surveying expertise to support cloud-based initiatives at all levels. We provide suitability and feasibility studies that identify the best cloud platform for content delivery, hosting, and security while at the same time taking into account how it can sharpen your competitive stance in your market and cut your IT costs.

Security is always a paramount concern. As valuable as cloud computing can be, maintaining strict controls on access to applications and company data is vital. At Venusgeo we know that it starts at the beginning of the process, not the end. We offer best practices in identity management for your cloud resources. Strict systems for determining access gives you the control and compliance required to run your business anywhere in the world.

We at Venusgeo offers a wide spectrum of cloud services and can work with you in planning, creating, and managing the virtual infrastructure that is optimal for your business operations. Our scalable cloud solutions cover a broad swath of geographic areas and produce results with minimum latency in hosting, delivery of content, and tight security measures, which prevent unwanted access to systems.

Application hosting in the cloud is most effective when the user fully understands the dimensions of choices, how they will impact the business, and implements the right solution for the business. Venusgeo employs strategies for best use of stateless or stateful websites and applications. And as experts in Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), we can align the advantages of those cloud technologies to your digital transformation initiatives.

Case Studies


We work with some of the world’s largest companies in telecom, government, airline/cruise and retail industries in cloud services and consulting. They rely on end to end business and IT services that leverage the scalable and flexible nature of the cloud. Working with them we develop enhanced security measures and identity management systems utilizing best practices to keep data safe in a virtualized environment.