Blockchain Is New, Disruptive, And
Valuable to Your Business


Blockchain Applications Will Grow
Rapidly Over the Next Few Years

By now most people in business have heard of Blockchain, usually in its association with cryptocurrencies. But Blockchain technologies, which encompass distributed ledgers, smart contracts and other distributed applications, can be used across business modes. Besides applications in cryptocurrencies, it can also be used in ecosystems involving trust among unaffiliated partners, stock and other exchanges, as well as the purchase of products. Over time we will find that Blockchain becomes an essential technology in the financial, automobile, cruise line, telecom, and shipping businesses.

Venusgeo is at the forefront of blockchain applications that can fundamentally change your business processes. We do this by assessing where in your organization this type of distributed processing can improve the P&L by reducing costs and improving security of transactions. We focus on replacing established but inefficient or redundant business processes. This is especially important with regard to business partners operating remotely since Blockchain can dramatically improve the confidence of the data involved.
Why VenusGeo

is the Catalyst

Blockchain is an advanced technology with many immediate applications designed to reduce uncertainty between remote actors. Reducing uncertainty reduces costs. These range from remote contracting, to trading, and regulation. Each firm has its specific applications but Venusgeo can help management ferret out these opportunities.

Decentralized, permissioned Blockchain is an enhancement tool made for mobile professionals and customers. The most obvious applications are where security issues are the highest, but many others exist in accounting, finance, medicine and many other fields. Bringing together shared data is a productivity multiplier.

Like every new technology, Blockchain has an evolving information base and series of best practices. Blockchain’s success depends on the application it is intended for. Venusgeo’s collective experience has tested Blockchain in many applications and can provide a unique, international experience.

The demand for knowledge in Blockchain, let alone expertise in it, is robust. Degrees in Blockchain are emerging but technology requires experience in the field as well. Venusgeo offers the human side of Blockchain. Our engineers have been in the field of Blockchain and in the field with Blockchain across the globe. They offer help at all levels.

Confidence offers not just the reduction of uncertainty but the motivation to trust transactions with remote actors. Corporate confidence in a technology is the basis for the IT implementation and the capital investment. Our engineers have been in the field of Blockchain and possess global experience across all levels.

Case Studies


Blockchain is an emergent technology, which has a developing future. Knowing when to employ Blockchain in an industry remains a central issue requiring a deep understanding of the technology. Venusgeo has clients in the government, hospital, telecom, and cruise industries. They rely on us to evaluate the potential benefits of Blockchain in their processes.