The Student Community
Is Our Greatest Asset

Venusgeo Academy

Developing Amazing Talent

VG Academy draws it strength from the power of the students in our communities. For us the student community is our most important resource and we are committed to developing the amazing talent it contains. VG Academy goes beyond educating software developers. We seek to create leaders in technology to monetize the value of their knowledge and institute change in their communities.

Venusgeo’s VG Academy sees leadership training, technical development and presentation techniques as essential skills. Our state-of-the-art curriculum of leading-edge technologies focuses on web technologies, mobile computing, cloud computing, big data, and entrepreneurship.
Case Studies


VG Academy has been conducting our educational programs for over a decade with volunteers in education and training. This community-based effort fosters learning and growth in our area for new and returning students. By investing in these individuals, we are contributing to the growth of the region and the industry itself.