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Innovators and entrepreneurs are essential elements to a country’s development and nowhere is this better understood than in India. India has an abundance of human capital but offering the young and ambitious an avenue for expression and advancement has been a challenge. The country and its leaders are dedicating themselves to changing that through public and private entrepreneurial efforts.

7INQ is Venusgeo’s answer to this call to arms. Venusgeo provides participant start-up companies with an intensive three to seven-month mentorship program. This helps early-stage companies progress rapidly into exciting, viable businesses. The program overcomes the longstanding funding problem. Each accepted company receives an initial investment and the potential for more.
Case Studies


Venusgeo has access to a strong set to alumnus in America. They serve as active investors and facilitate relationships with venture capital funds like Andhra Angels, Hyderabad Angels and Intel Capital, a division of Intel Corporation. Venusgeo has set up a seed fund of its own and invested in startups at the seed stage. Our intent is to connect these startups with Indian investors and the rest of the world.