Company Overview

Who We are

Company Overview

Venusgeo has been a trusted innovation partner at the forefront of digital and NextGen IT services for numerous enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies. We capitalize on cutting-edge innovation for rapid time-to-market and help global companies reimagine their businesses for the digital age. Our innovative solutions are built using blockchain, data science, mobility, IoT, cyber security, biometrics, and other digital technology services. We ensure cloud and on-premise infrastructure meet new digital standards.

Global Reach and Strong Financials

We are financially stable and can be a long-term partner with a strong presence across North America, Europe, and Asia.

More than two decades of relevant experience

We are in the business of developing products and applications, rolling out multiple projects and continuously growing stronger in these areas. The products and applications we build are customizable, scalable and secure, as well as designed to meet the growing market demands. They provide a strong foundation so that you don’t need to re-evaluate your systems and immediately invest again after making a technology investment.

We will deliver services to increase competitiveness

We believe that, our long and deep experience in digital platforms enables us to understand the entire business system, both functionally and technically, making our clients leverage technology to improve their competitive position in the markets they operate.

Proven capacity & quality

With our qualified and responsive engineering teams who are experts in domain, leading-edge technology and Agile & Scrum practices, we have the capacity to quickly bring a team together. Our teams have experience with matured project management practices and software measurement processes. These practices help detect, quantify, and mitigate risks and threats.

Driving KPI’s

Our experience helps us define and comply with key performance metrics (KPIs) such as time, content, cost, quality, service levels, and cost of quality. KPIs help reduce risks and threats during a project’s lifecycle.

Infrastructure Competency

Customer trust is our ongoing priority. We are vigilant about the privacy and data security of our customers. We host secure platforms in the cloud. Our engineers have expertise in Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. They understand the critical nature of global infrastructure security and compliance.