CAD Services

Document Conversion is the process of converting hard copy documents and raster images into intelligent vector formats. Conversion is often viewed as simply digitizing paper and associating data with it. Venusgeo takes a different approach. Venusgeo's conversion process leverages the common foundation and focuses project-specific customization on project-specific requirements. The superior results of this approach are visible in every step of the conversion process and in the final data product Venusgeo deliver.

Venusgeo is capable of converting just about any paper media (including photographs) as well as a several raster formats into intelligent vector (CAD) data. Venusgeo apply a variety of technologies to meet these challenges, including auto-vectorization, optical character recognition (OCR), raster-to-vector tracing, and complete re-drafts. Venusgeo's team assesses the drawing and converts it with the process that will provide the highest quality results with the lowest cost possible without sacrificing quality. The conversion process creates a CAD file that contains all geometry in true vector entities of lines, arcs and circles. Loft type line work can be captured as polylines, splines or bsplines depending on the CAD format required and if the actual line or arc does not have a true radius. The files are layered, attributed, and proper fonts used in conjunction with the clients specifications.

Venusgeo is capable of handling a wide variety of drawings from various range of industries including Architectural, Naval, Civil and Mechanical Engineering and over the years, Venusgeo has successfully handled outstanding quality, and very cost effective projects in these areas.

GIS Services

Venusgeo can always be found at the forefront of GIS technology and innovation. Venusgeo's talented technical team has extensive experience using GIS tools to develop, integrate, implement and maintain instances of GIS within a variety of organizations. Venusgeo works with clients to develop conversion specifications and provides high quality digitizing and scanning services with complete data verification to assure the value of this investment.

Venusgeo expertise comes from working with government, public utility, private business and international clients. Within its client's community, Venusgeo is well known for delivering outstanding quality, cost-effective GIS enabled solutions, and for its ability to raise organizational productivity. This experience helps Venusgeo to identify opportunities for sharing of approaches and technologies.

Venusgeo has developed software and special data cleaning processes that removes errors from GIS data. After Venusgeo's cutting-edge data processing, unmatched intersections, unsnapped lines, duplicate elements, and any other common or data-specific errors will all be removed and output to clean files.

Venusgeo can help your organization reach its business objectives, gain competitive advantages, transform your workforce and achieve new levels of performance.

Venusgeo offers extensive experience in all of the major GIS software packages. With this experience and competent staff, Venusgeo is well positioned to make knowledgeable recommendations, deliver high-quality work and achieve successful implementation.

Most GIS applications of the future will include some online component and Venusgeo is ready to help expand your GIS horizons. Venusgeo has extensive experience in web mapping applications, and open system standards for online GIS.

Venusgeo do more than make maps. Venusgeo use its experience and technical skills to present the results of the GIS analysis into a readable form that is understandable by the reader regardless of their technical capability.

Engineering Services

Today's engineers are challenged to produce new products in less time than ever before and adapt to rapidly changing customer demands. The aim of new product development or redesign of an existing product is to achieve a technically good design that can be produced at an economic cost or with added functionalities. We provide a wide spectrum of engineering services, based on a combination of business consulting, product design, and IT skills. Venusgeo's engineering services offer expertise in the following areas :

2D to 3D Conversion

Venusgeo provides 2D to 3D conversion services including drawing, modeling and validation. Venusgeo converts 2D drawings to CAD drawings and 3D models in any major CAD package. We have experience to convert drawings of any size, complexity and domain implementing quality processes through out the conversion work, and undertakes custom requests.

3D Modeling

Venusgeo provides 3D Modeling services including converting engineering drawings to 3D CAD models, creation of detailed components, creation of assemblies, and interference checking. Venusgeo uses the best practices in the industry and quality process. Venusgeo has excellent experience in all major CAD packages.

Reverse Engineering

Venusgeo provides reverse engineering services to generate 3D models of physical parts or components. We take the physical part, get it scanned through one of our partners, get the point cloud, and use it to generate the 3D model in the required CAD package. As part of quality assurance, these 3D models can be compared with the prior design model to find the differences.

Data Services

Venusgeo is equipped to accurately and cost-effectively capture and process data and derive business value out of it by providing the resources and experience to offer integrated data services. We establish ourselves as an extended arm of the client and not as an external agency to seamlessly deliver efficiencies in production and cost.

We offer cost effective, high quality solutions for business requirements in data entry, data conversion, data extraction, data compilation, indexing and processing. Data is captured with a very high degree of accuracy in the range of 99.5% or more, achieved with thorough planning, testing, staff training, technology, and quality assurance programs.

Our data services center is equipped with a robust data management set-up, to help organizations accurately and cost-effectively capture and process data, yielding tremendous business value. We continuously optimize back office solutions, business processes, enabling continuous improvement in our efficiencies in IT Enabled Services.

Venusgeo offers a broad menu of data entry related services. We can enter data from scanned images or physical documents making use of the latest software and hardware technology specifically developed for rapid and accurate data entry.

Areas of Data Services that we specialize in:

  • Data Processing and Workflow Solutions.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Digitization and Forms Processing - using OMR/OCR/ICR solutions.
  • Data Warehousing.
  • Data Migration .
  • Managed Data services and hosting services.